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       Arboreal Survey starts this April   


Tree Succession Project  - Arboreal survey starts 10th April 2017

St Paul's Churchyard Tree Succession Project received £7,500 of our £10,000 award and we have engaged Dobson-Fulford Associates Ltd. to complete an arboreal survey of our churchyard, identifying the value of the current tress to the landscape and determining the work which needs to be undertaken on the existing trees and producing a plan for planting to provide a wonderful treescape for the next 50 years.  We will also be looking to remove the kerb from the access path between the churchyard and the parish rooms carpark.  It will be completed with a hard geotexile path beside the parish rooms garden to give good access to the churchyard for all in all weathers.


Next Churchyard Working Party

The next churchyard working party is on Holy Saturday - the day before Easter Sunday - 15th April starting at 9.30. We will be mainly cutting the grass which is has started to grow again - although the last Churchyard Working party we managed to mow all the churchyard- as well as managing our conservation areas, possibly making bird and bat boxes.  There are graves to repair as well.  If you would like to come and join us and share cakes and coffee please do come along and join in. Our tractor mower is working again as well as most of the lawnmowers.  For more details see our volunteers page.

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